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Josephat Technology Media Services

You have found your homegrown networked solution!
Personalized-Enterprise level solutions for Everybody! is a web services, connected applications and business hosting service provider. We are focused on providing simplified business integration and design services to our clients.

We provide a bridge for African businesses to cross to the digital millennium. We are cognizant of the need for pocket friendly information technology applications and strive to bring that to the masses regardless of ‘digital literacy’ levels. “If it is hot, eat it slowly” Gusii urban saying.

On premise, or on cloud. We wont bother you with jargon. We will provide a solution that works for you. A level of freedom that is unprecedented.

Use our software on your desk, with internet or without, or on the road. Be free.We are there to assist. Anytime. Anywhere. We build for Africa. We are your trusted systems integrator.

Because we know our market. We have designed and implemented solutions that give you the power and the freedom to win. Your business deserves it.

Meet the Team

Best effort, always. Our team brings their experience and willingness to solve complex problems. We are a pioneer in remote operations.


Josephat Nyakundi

CEO and Co-Founder

Web Developer, Animator, Broadcast Technician.


Edward Adnan

Business Development

Information Technology, Operations, Business & Finance


Sellyn Opola

Online Marketing

Online Marketing and Sales.


Albert Omwenga

Advertising & Marketing

Fim Maker, Producer, Art Director


John Katere

Customer Operations

IT Technician, Customer Experience Trainer, Business Process Specialist

Our Advisors

Christian Reuter

Broadcast and IT Hardware/Software Specialist

Christian is the Owner and CEO of Reuter Digital based in Montbauer, Germany. He was one of the first engineers to implement broadcast automation processes in Africa.

Mordecai Ogada

Ecologist, PHD

Mordecai is a leading global expert in carnivore science, an award winning ecological scientist and a renown socially conscious academic.

Hellen Gaviria

Cybersecurity Expert, PHD

Hellen is an information privacy, security and compliance consultant. She is a specialist in best practices on incident response and breach protection.