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Video for business and entertainment

helping business grow

Playout, Video Streaming, Content Systems for offices, homes, TV operations and Radio studios.

Video can grow your business. Make content work for you. Succeed.

Playout & streaming

We offer you bespoke broadcast systems using VLC, OBS, PlayoutOne, Elements, Easy Media Suite, Vmix, Axel Playout, Masterplay and Metus.

Video installations

Advertising display systems, n x n LCD Video Wall, Multi-viewer, LED video walls, outdoor and indoor advertising boards and custom displays.


Multichannel audio conferencing, wired and wireless goose-neck microphone systems, translation systems, PoE PTZ cameras, conference automation, multi-screen presentation, multi-location.


High resolution cameras, NVR(Network Video recorder), automated tracking PTZ Cameras, long-term video storage. Indoor and Outdoor CCTV monitoring solutions.

Video Consulting

We leverage on open source or affordable software to provide you a bespoke video solution for your kind of business.

Content Delivery

We can help you deliver live video to the heart of Africa from any part of Europe, Asia or North America. No satellite downlinks, no decoders. Just a good internet connection is needed. HD or 4K.

Reliable service

our focus is on Content, not devices

Your content needs to leave the biggest footprint. Not wires and machines.

If video is key to your business,then you need a solution that aligns with your  goals.

Broadcasters need budget conscious live video delivery mechanisms.


Secure streams from Europe to Africa. Encypted delivery.

Low latency

Fast delivery with minimal delay. At par with satellite delivery but not affected by weather patterns.


Unmatched clarity. Best of class audio and video encoding. Perfect delivery always.

Live video delivery

Multi-platform international video delivery. Connect direct to your play-out or broadcast mixer.*

Easy Plan

Per day

*requires at least 10mbps internet speed for HD 720P 4:2:0 video. SDI output device required. Multiple channel long term delivery options available.

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